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For the past 30 years Shi Cashmere had been mentioned in numerous publications from Vogue to Harpers and Queens, modelled by some of the top models from Kate Moss to Carla Bruni and interviewed by wonderful journalists from around the world including the Times Fashion editor Lisa Armstrong. Here's a small selection of press about Shi and Shi Cashmere. 

" Striking yet discreet, mysterious yet familiar, pure but sexy…in the hands of Shayesteh Nazemi's Shi label, cashmere doesn't behave in quite the same way as it does anywhere else. But then its creator isn't exactly conventional. Cut with intimate knowledge of what flatters a woman, sometimes in muted greys, naturals, chocolates or black, other times in brilliant jewel colours or soft pastels, they wind and twist their way seductively about the body, some edged with winking beads, plush fur or feathers. These dual journeys have ensured Shi Cashmere has remained a magnet for the stylish. Uma Thurman, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Naomi Campbell, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin and Goldie Hawn are just a few of her admirers."  Lisa Armstrong

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