Taking good care of your cashmere can prolong the life of your treasured garment. Our cashmere quality is some of the best in the world with customers from when we started over 30 years ago still coming back wearing Shi Cashmere. But with some information below on pilling, how to was, dry and store you can help to keep your cashmeres and wools as good as new.

At Shi Cashmere we also offer luxury "invisible" repair, wash and redress service.
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A little pilling is natural in fine cashmere as the fibre is so very fine, so it may happen sometimes and it doesn’t reflect the quality of the yarn.    


  • Avoid wearing heavy jewellery that might rub against the fine cashmere fibre and cause it to pill.

  • Avoid anything that will rub against the cashmere, for instance the rubbing of your bag against the cashmere.

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DARYL cashmere sweater ribbed sleeve detail quality.jpg


  • Use a few drops of a light detergent or even baby shampoo, left to soak in lukewarm water for 5-10 minuets.


  • Lightly squeeze the cashmere for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinse in lukewarm water.



  • Spread your cashmere into shape onto a clean towel. Roll the towel and squeeze the excess water from the cashmere.


  • Lift and place onto another dry towel to dry, making sure it is in its correct shape, smooth down with your hand, which helps in very little or no ironing.


  • You can also place it over a light rack.


  • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

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At Shi Cashmere we are pleased to offer an invisible repair, wash and redress service.


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Store your cashmeres when no longer needed as in the summer months in plastic bags with cedar sticks or balls.