NEW YORK: 1050 Lexington Ave, NY 10021 I 212.717.7115 LONDON: 20 Montpelier Street, London SW7 1HD I 207.581.5544

The Founder/ Designer

SHI CASHMERE was founded in London by SHI NAZEMI, a Saint Martins Art & Design Alumni.

SHI CASHMERE designs are archived in the Fashion Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum's permanent collections alongside Versace, Chanel, Dior.

SHI CASHMERE design aesthetic is instantly recognizable; Chic, versatile and designed cut to fit a variety of body shapes from Contemporary to Curve.


Quality and Expertise

We're a family fashion business and have been quietly producing the industry’s most sought-after knitwear since 1980 in our own mill.

Known in the industry for our quality and expertise our knitwear is entirely handmade (no algorithms) then processed with local Scottish waters, for a soft and dry touch that's typical of exceptional Scottish knitwear. Our fabric and linen collections are produced in-house using only the finest mills.

100% Handmade

Our knitwear is 100% hand-loomed and hand- finished by us in Scotland.

We're privileged to support tomorrow's artisans by creating products the time-honored way, enabling new opportunities for the locals and helping restore pride in the Scottish and British textile communities.