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The Shi Cashmere Rewards Program is our way of expressing our gratitude to our clients. At the end of each calendar year customers who qualify will receive a notification giving them store credit. The Shi Cashmere Rewards Program can be used in our stores or on our website. Since we value your continued relationship your rewards with Shi Cashmere have no expiration date. A percentage of what a client has spent during a given year is given back to them, and our rewards are broken down as follows:

Client Purchases     Benefit Reward

$5,000                       $300
$7,500                        $450
$10,000                      $600
$15,000                      $1,000
$20,000                     $1,200
$30,000                     $2,000
$40,000                     $3,000
$50,000                     $3,800