Shi/ Designer

SHI is a Central Saint Martins Art & Design Alumni. Our designs are in the Fashion Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum's permanent collections alongside Versace, Chanel, Dior. Our design aesthetic is instantly recognizable; Chic, versatile and designed cut to fit a variety of body shapes.


Quality and Expertise

We're a family fashion business, quietly producing the industry’s most sought-after knitwear since 1980 in our own mill. Known for our quality our knitwear is entirely handmade (no algorithms) then processed with local Scottish waters, for a soft and dry touch that's typical of exceptional Scottish knitwear. Our fabric collections are produced in-house.

100% Handmade

Our knitwear is 100% hand-loomed and hand- finished by us in Scotland. We're privileged to support artisans by creating products the time-honored way, enabling new opportunities for the locals and helping restore pride in the Scottish and British textile communities.



SHI CASHMERE Since 1980 | Hand-loomed cashmere designs made in Scotland | Cruise collection in natural fabrics| London , New York | #shicashmere
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